MasterProcess Testimonials

The MasterProcess is a powerful, structured process to get to the heart of the issue efficiently and quickly. Well worth the time attending. A very useful process.
Phillip Kerr, Manager, HR, Queensland Rail (Rail Transport)

The MasterProcess is a powerful , versatile tool that we use on a daily basis to grow our recruitment business. We apply the MasterProcess in several ways:…
2] The MasterProcess assists us in our initiatives for business development - to assist the client to be clear about what they really want from our company, to determine whether we have a match with the client and to find new solutions (with the client) to meet the client’s needs.
3] Internally, we use the MasterProcess to coach our staff to solve problems, develop opportunities, develop responsibility, ownership and commitment and a ‘can do’ self-reliant approach to their work, which in turn improves service levels, effectiveness of staff and frees up the partners to work on the business.
Claire Baistow, CEO, EastSide Personnel

I am amazed at how fast the MasterProcess works. When I interview my clients I am able to quickly establish their real needs in relation to their financial affairs. This allows me to get to the heart of the matter more quickly and easily. I then apply the MasterProcess with my clients to create business strategies that really work for the client, because the MasterProcess enables us to tailor strategies that work best for the higher outcomes that the client wants. It develops powerful commitment and ownership for the client. I also use the MasterProcess as an interview technique for selecting new personnel, as it elicits what candidates really want from their work, and enables me to find the best person for the job and our business culture.
Janice Melville, Principal, Accounting for Wealth

It’s great to learn a process that has such integrity. I can use the MasterProcess skills to gain commitment to processes I’m introducing, to move others out of their rut, to improve my own solutions and move to action quickly.
Janet Smith, Manager, Transformation & Discovery, Murdoch Magazines.


The MasterProcess provides a framework to address problems and, more importantly, change in the workplace. The MasterProcess enables me and others to take responsibility for quickly and creatively finding a suitable outcome or opportunity. I wish I’d learned this skill at the beginning of my career!
Janine Mathews, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Murdoch Magazines.


The MasterProcess is the best communication process for handling change and finding solutions that I have ever seen."
Robert T. Shannon, Managing Director, Shannon Classic Car Insurance


I've attended so many courses and I would never have believed that any tool could be so effective in such an amazingly short period of time. These two days have provided me with a tool that I can use everyday.
Barry Sampson, e-learning Advisor, B & Q (U.K.)


The most powerful process I have ever used, Brilliant, challenging, extremely powerful, practical, empowering. The presentation and material is nothing short of masterful.
Edua Potor. Proprietor, EPC Placements. (Australia)


A brilliant communication tool, an outstanding process - very powerful!
Beth Wallace, Divisional HR Advisor, B&Q (U.K.)


The best 2-day investment I’ve ever made.
Diane Lally, Human Resources Director, Ernst & Young


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