MasterProcess Outcomes

After attending the MasterProcess Workshop you should be able to:

  • Facilitate change more effectively
  • Gain high levels of buy-in and commitment of stakeholders
  • Turn resistance, criticism, objections, and negativity into positive solutions and opportunities in minutes
  • Ask questions and use language patterns that shift a person’s state of awareness and releases them to function optimally
  • Empower people to take initiative and responsibility for change and results
  • Coach others faster and with better results in relation to business issues and change
  • Use the MasterProcess to enhance and accelerate other communication and thinking skills
  • Help others to quickly find solutions to their own problems and issues
  • Use the powerful 6 step MasterProcess to help others create and develop strategies and opportunities that work for them and your business
  • Rapidly elicit the essence of people’s needs, values and emotional drivers and create strategies/solutions/options to meet those needs.
  • Recognize and challenge the key thinking and language patterns that people use to avoid responsibility, or to deceive.
  • Enable yourself and others to think, speak, and listen in terms of ‘facts’ or sensory-based information, rather than assumptions.
  • Easily clarify the meaning of what people say.
  • Help others get to the point quickly
  • Recognize the language that limits a person’s state of awareness and ability to function effectively
  • Identify the motivator/ purpose/ vision that will drive other people’s decisions and commitment, enabling you to adapt your presentation to the other person’s key persuasion indicators
  • Maintain a confident internal state under pressure
  • Defuse antagonists; never be fazed; handle objections and criticisms with finesse
  • Reduce/eliminate unnecessary arguments and conflict
  • Improve team focus and motivation and ensure that deadlines are met
  • Create a clearer focus for action and reduce procrastination
  • Match your solutions to the other person’s emotional driver and create your outcomes with less effort


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