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Immersing into Stillness - double CD

13 powerful techniques for entering stillness

The Immerse in Stillness audio recording is designed to enable you to immerse effortlessly in the practices of Stillness described in the book The Practice of Stillness: the secret to inner peace, happiness, wisdom and love.

The rich, deep, resonant voice of Christo Norden-Powers on this double CD makes it easy for you to slip into the practice of Stillness.

No need to
· think about what to do
· memorise the processes
· turn pages to see what the next step is –

just allow these powerful CDs to carry you there.

Thirteen practices are recorded on the CDs, each on different tracks, including

A powerful breathing technique that develops and directs the Chi/pranic energy, physical power and mental focus
How to use the breath as a portal to Stillness
Three processes for utilising the mind as a portal to Stillness
Using the senses as vehicles to access Stillness

You can choose which tracks to listen to and practice.

Each track provides a period of silence for deep meditation after the instructions
the tracks are approximately 20 minutes duration, ideal for morning or evening meditation
a gentle sound tells you when the track has finished, so you can relax and immerse fully in the process

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