Christo Norden-Powers

Director of transformation and organisational change.

Christo Norden-Powers comes with over 30 years experience:

He is a former criminal trial Lawyer & Barrister who developed an interest in human performance and meditation.

He trained and coached Australian Olympic athletes, in how to generate and maintain peak performance states using both Eastern and Western techniques.

His work then quickly spread to companies that were interested in developing peak performance in their people, and soon after to the development of organisational change and corporate cultures that generate and support sustained high performance. Christo left the legal profession to pursue his interest in transforming companies.

Cyril Rouhliadeff, Telstra

Senior trainer, Telecom Australia (now Telstra)

For two years I had the privilege of working with Christo on my company's major cultural change program. Professional consultants have impact. Christo has much more than that. He has the capacity to work with people in a way that works for each individual, empowers each person and achieves results very quickly. My personal and professional development as a human resources practitioner gained from working with Christo has been more than in my entire prior career in this field. Without hesitation he has my highest recommendation.


Christo and colleagues designed and implemented one of the largest corporate cultural change projects in the southern hemisphere. The team trained 14,000 people in a hands-on change process that ultimately led Christo to develop the powerful and highly effective MasterProcess (coaching and change facilitation process)


Christo has provided coaching to

i) business leaders and executives (Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Governance, Operations, HR/OD), across a range of industries including finance, telecommunications, IT, Marketing, Retail, Transport, Primary Industry.

ii) professionals (Accountant, Legal, Engineering, Financial Advice)

Training Executive Coaches

Christo has trained executive coaches at various coaching institutes, and in-house executive coaching teams in large organisations including:

• The Institute of Executive Coaching Australia

• The Life Coaching Academy (Business/Executive Coaching Modules)

• Shirlaws Coaching

• B&Q (UK)

• Metropolitan Police ('Scotland Yard'), London.

L.J. Holland,


Christo Norden-Powers has worked alongside me for 12 months. Christo has to be, in my experience, one of the leading experts on corporate culture. Not just on theory, but on how to actually make it work quickly and easily. He is an excellent facilitator and can handle the most difficult personality effortlessly. His intuition is incannily accurate. He is able to sense what works and to achieve a workable outcome quickly and smoothly.

His work quickly spread to companies


Christo also designed the workshop Powerful Questions That Every Director, Executive and Manager Must Ask, and has delivers that program in-house for private business clients, as well as for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Secretaries Australia.

Christo is widely regarded as a highly skilled corporate transformation and organisational change agent and an outstanding facilitator and executive coach.

Robert Kiyosaki

(author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and other books)

Dear Christo I thank the great spirit that you are in my life. For years I have felt alone in this specific profession. I feel I have a brother in this work. Your work at our instructor's program has impacted me greatly. I became more accomplished immediately. I have greater peace inside and new ways of thinking. I have more options and my blood pressure is lower. Thank you. I will always support your work in which ever way I can. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again.


Christo has provided training, coaching and/or consulting services to many well-known organisations and individuals including

  • Telstra (Telecom Australia),
  • Hong Kong Aviation Capital
  • TNT,
  • Kelloggs,
  • B&Q (U.K.),
  • Metropolitan Police (U.K.),
  • National Mutual,
  • Selleys,
  • Australian Taxation Office,
  • Coca-Cola,
  • Murdoch Magazines,
  • MTE,
  • Reckitt & Colman,
  • Australia Post,
  • Ernst & Young,
  • FDS (UK),
  • CVC,
  • Australian Life Coaching Academy,
  • Australian Institute of Executive Coaching,
  • Brisbane City Council,
  • Australian Olympic Athletes,
  • AFL footballers.

He is an author and has contributed numerous articles on leadership, management and governance to various professional and business journals.

He has spoken at major conferences, on the design, implementation and management of complex corporate transformation initiatives.